Those lazy days of summer have now come to an end and it’s time to get organized for going back to school. The key to making the transition go smoothly is to be prepared. Get a head start by buying school supplies and clothes for your child ahead of time so that you can focus on other important issues like schedules and routines.


10 tips that will make the first day of school easier for you and your child:

  1. Shop for school supplies with your child, if possible. This step usually builds enthusiasm because he will look forward to using what you have bought.
  2. Label everything! Don’t assume that your child will recognize his own school supplies because many other children will have the same or similar.
  3. cartoon boy brushing teethSet a morning routine a week or at least a few days before school starts of waking up on time, grooming, selecting clothes and dressing, breakfast,etc.
  4. If your child is a dawdler, then wake him up a half hour early.  Avoid the hectic morning rush by having everything prepared the night before.
  5. Prepare a schedule which includes homework time. Children love routines and get accustomed to them quickly. Go over the prepared schedule with your child so that he knows what he is supposed to do and when. 
  6. Make sure that any lunch or snack you send to school is in an easy-to-open container or the child may not eat. Don’t assume that someone will be there to help at the exact time he wants to open it. It’s a good idea to practice eating a packed lunch at home.
  7. Your child may be anxious and excited. So that those feelings do not escalate into tears or tantrums, remain patient, calm and cheerful.
  8. Adjust your schedule so you can be present when your child comes home from school. Most likely therealarm clock will not be any homework on the first day giving you time to discuss the day’s events with your child.
  9. Never make negative comments to your child about the teacher, the school, other children or parents. You want your child to have a positive attitude toward all things school-related, after all.
  10. Make friends with another parent. This will come in handy if you have any questions about schedules, supplies, dress code or other issues. Yes, I’m sure the teacher will let you know that you can communicate with her any time but some questions you might have are about trivial things that you may not want to ask her/him.

The first few months of school are hard on a young child. There are many new routines to learn and you can expect that he will be tired by the end of the day even if there has been a rest period in a class of young children. Allow some rest or quiet reading or playing time when your child gets home. 

Back to school chalkboard, school, books, pens, crayons, yellow school bus and other school supplies

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